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We work with our clients to find creative financial solutions to complex and sometimes difficult financial situations.

Commercial Mortgages

With more lenders and financial products on offer than ever before, finding the most competitive commercial mortgage to suit your business needs can be an exhausting exercise. Having arranged many commercial mortgages, we understand what products are available and their lending requirements. These include:

  • Access to the Funding for Lending Scheme and the National Loan Guarantee Scheme ensures interest rates are low.
  • Adverse credit and C.C.Js, are acceptable
  • Non-Status Lending for up-to 2 years, interest only.
  • Case Study

    A client rented their business premises, however when their landlord had gone into Receivership they were threatened with eviction. A full business appraisal concluded the clients had a good business but little spare cash. A commercial mortgage was arranged for 100% of the discounted purchase price being paid with no cash input.