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We work with our clients to find creative financial solutions to complex and sometimes difficult financial situations.

Bridging Finance

Bridging loans can be arranged where short term finance is needed quickly. The finance is often secured against property and can be arranged for a variety of purposes, including payment of HMRC liabilities, divorce setlements, the purchase of a property to refurbish and sell on etc. We offer an exclusive product for clients that require short term funding for any purpose where the security is in a “hot spot” area of London. In such circumstances an annual interest rate of only 7% is possible. We can arrange bridging finance whilst considering the following:

  • However before we consider your entry into any bridging finance we must consider and arrange an exit.
  • Case Study

    A client owed £950,000 to a high street bank which had been secured upon a restaurant and investment properties but they had poor credit and little proof of income. We asked the clients to provide a full breakdown of their assets and rental income and with that we were able to arrange a bridging facility secured upon their properties whereby all monthly payments were taken up front to help cash flow allowing the bank to be discharged.