About Us

We understand how stressful some situations can be and how important it is to say “yes, we can help”.

Richard Norton is the founder of R&E Finance. During his career he has worked in a wide cross section of industries including construction, leisure and manufacturing. As you can imagine he has experienced the “highs” and the “lows” of being in business. When forming R&E Finance over twenty years ago it was all this experience he wanted to build upon in order to support and assist future clients.

"There is no quick fix or one solution fits all to the problems that our clients endure but we take a careful, pragmatic and sensitive approach to finding that solution"

We are a knowledgeable and specialised team of independent consultants working with clients throughout the UK.

Personal Support

We all appreciate how important it is to have a personal and dedicated point of contact giving personal support.  With this in mind each client has a dedicated individual point of contact to relate to throughout the solution finding process. Our consultants are placed throughout the UK making that point of contact local to you, that contact crucially being face to face. 

By assigning a dedicated representative to your case we can better understand you and your situation, allowing our relationship to develop thus supporting you in resolving your situation, discreetly, efficiently and effectively.


We understand how stressful some situations can be and how important it is to say “yes, we can help”. That is why we do not adopt a tick box mentality, instead we consider all options carefully with the client’s best interests at heart. It is essential we understand each client's difficulties as well as their aspirations. This allows us to provide tailored and individual advice.

In some complex cases our professional industry contacts will aid us in solving the problem. Rest assured that there is a solution out there to help you and the situation you are in.

What We Can Do